Marigold in December 2012

We arrived at the Marigold to find some new changes to the layout. Ranjith has now finished the 2 double rooms downstairs and is tiling and plastering two more self-contained double rooms at the back of the house downstairs. This means we have now 5 rooms for rent- from budget to luxury budget! We chose colours and these walls are being painted as I type. We were again astounded by the skill and hard work of the men who come daily to do all sorts of things- such skill around here! Our carpenter hand makes each and every door and piece of furniture in no time!

Our main job this time was to hang our new lampshades, talk to the A/C man and decide on which system to use, finalise furnishings and get ready for our first real guests!! We had an encouraging visit from some Doha friends who loved it and want to return later this year.

Our other job was to celebrate  the success of this project with all of those involved along the way. So we invited them all to a New Year party in the front garden. They arrived carrying speakers, twinkling lights and extra food and we had a most wonderful night dancing on the sand with whole families. What a special time it was!

As we fell asleep each night in our apartment to the hum of the sea, and woke each day to a swim in the ocean and a walk along the beach, we realised that this is a place we want to return to again and again.

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