Things to do in Kalutara region

Visitors are welcome!

There’s plenty to do in this region, and many ways to simply explore:

(1) Tuk Tuks run up and down this area, servicing all of the tourist hotels. (2) Taxis are also available and are generally a very reasonable price, usually with a helpful English speaking driver. They will also suggest other things to do that I haven’t even thought of!!

Ask Ranjith to find you either one of these. He has many contacts!

You can:

(1) Visit the awe-inspiring Kalutara Temple – the only Buddhist shrine in the world which is completely hollow inside where a sequence of 74 intricately drawn murals adorn the walls.

(2) Travel a few miles inland to where  the Richmond Castle stands proud. Its exquisitely carved 99 doors and 34 windows bear witness to colonial architectural opulence.

(3) Spend a morning at the fishing harbour and experience typical coastal village life, firsthand.

(4) If you’re looking for bigger marine life, head down to Mirissa on a whale watching expedition.

(5) Go green at the Bawa Botanical Gardens or get involved in conservation efforts with a visit to the Turtle Hatchery.

(6) Take a closer look at the many traditional industries of the locality, such as wood carving and soft basketry, and take a trip out to visit rubber or tea plantations further afield.

(7) Take a trip to town and wander! Kalutara town has a large shopping area, with several markets here and there. A great experience!

(8) Find your favourite massage therapist along the beach (or in front of the Marigold). You will pay approximately $10 for a beach massage- but bring your own fresh towels as these are not on offer.

(9) The nearby Tangerine Hotel has a lovely Ayaverdic Spa where you will pay around $45 for a massage, but in exquisite surroundings.

(10) Catch a bus or train to Galle for the day – a fascinating old harbour town.

(11) Sit on the balcony and watch the sun rise and set!!!

(12) Eat out at a small cafe along the beach – or in the small shopping street nearby (a short walk). Or you can pay a la carte in the Tangerine Beach Hotel if you want a change of pace for a moment.

(13) If you are carrying a laptop, internet access is available at a small hourly rate at the Tangerine reception. You can sit in their lovely foyer while you email the world out there!

This list is only a beginning – perhaps you could add to it yourselves!!

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